Friday, April 30, 2010

Big Things Going On!

:::In short, some great big things are a-brewein', coming up for this summer:::

--- Some possibly HUGE news about The Pinstripes could be on its way, and I'll post about it when/if it happens.

--- The Pinstripes will begin recording our most ambitious album project yet this summer, recording under the wing of reggae/dub producer extraordinaire, man of all trades, and excellent drummer for the dub/reggae band The Drastics, ANTHONY ABBINANTI! We'll be shacking up at his studio in Chicago at some point in the near future.

--- (in relation to the flier above) That is for this coming Tuesday. This show is gonna be HUGE so DO NOT MISS IT! Diarrhea Planet will be releasing our EP this coming Tuesday which I am mixing and engineering along with our guitar player Evan P. Donohue and our bass player Mike Boyle. We've been recording it over the last month or so and are incredibly excited to release it. It will be called Loose Jewels and will be available on the net soon, probably for free.


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  1. I saw your comment on Pyrex Scholar and recognized Diarrea Planet. I'm from Nashville also. That's about all I have to say